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Painting and its multi-dimensional nature is at the forefront of my practice. Whether this is with a brush on canvas or other materials such as metal, wood or glass, I am heavily aware of the post-medium condition within which I practise. Tangible spatiality through expression of objects in space or forms within a painted ground is my primary creative focus. I hope to expose an inward and outward trajectory of multiple forms through intersecting planes that reveal subtle differences in the illusion of depth. This engages physical interaction as the viewer moves in and out of the work to look for the detail. 

Abstraction takes abstracts from the existing, and this is the premise for my work and source of my imagery. Taking these shapes and isolating them in a space encourages a dialogue of form that might have once been overlooked: abstract imagery that stands for itself. With reference to Deleuze and the ability to create an infinity of crossing over borders, movements and passages will open onto a field of real and virtual forces.

I propose to create a space that holds and dominates the room through the means of colour, line and shape. 

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