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Agnes Martin: Independence of Mind

I think we’ve fallen into an elaborate but beneficent trap that Agnes Martin has set for us. She gives the paintings these titles so that when you speak of them, you can say something like, “I love Happiness” or “I’m very moved by Innocence” or “I came around a corner and saw Friendship.” She’s giving us language in an unembarrassed way, so that things can happen to us when we actually say those words. 


Texts by Teju Cole, Bethany Hindmarsh, Bill Jacobson, Jennie C. Jones, James Sterling Pitt, Alison Rossiter, Jenn Shapland, Darcey Steinke, Martha Tuttle, and Susan York.
Edited by Chelsea Weathers


Hardcover w jacket / 8.25 x 11 inches
90 images / 192 pages


Agnes Martin: Independence of Mind

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