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"my interest lies in the beauty of raw clay and mark making to add movement and texture to the surface of the piece - like water, wind and sand. I draw inspiration from forms in nature, architecture, art and music, and everyday objects that I come across. I make mental notes on interesting silhouettes that I would like to capture in clay. I aim to honour the identity of the medium whilst carrying a modern sensibility in my work; bridging this ancient practice with the new. my vessels are hand built employing the pinch and coil method. this slow hand building technique is meditative – hands to clay, instinctive, and emotional. I embrace irregularity in the form which adds character to the piece, each being completely unique. Vessels in texture is a series in my exploration of form and surface texture, while highlighting the beauty of clay and its colour. Initially inspired by landscapes with raw, rough craggy surfaces, the pieces have evolved into sculptural shapes shifting over time…

Tania Whalen is a British ceramic artist, originally from London & currently based in Brooklyn, NY

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